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Essential Editing

In my experience, the really great writers enjoy the editorial process.

-Mary Norris, Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen

Want feedback on a manuscript that works? Need a second set of eyes on that annual report? Need a coach to keep you on schedule with a writing project? Essential Editing, LLC offers a host of affordable editing services to produce high-quality publications and completed writing projects that accomplish your goals. Editing services are available for both fiction and non-fiction genres as well as standard business documents. Select a single service or develop a customized plan to meet your specific editing needs:

Copyediting – Light, medium or heavy copyedits to ensure your project shines when it goes public.

Diagnostic Review – An assessment of what’s working and what isn’t, using Story Grid principles and methodology.

Developmental Editing – Regularly scheduled meetings to plan and perfect your work-in-progress and help you stay on track to project completion.

As a Story Grid Certified Editor, I use Story Grid tools to help assess the current state of your manuscript and provide specific, actionable feedback on ways to fix what’s not working. The tools, developed by an editor with over 25 years experience, are proven and logical and will transform your storytelling. Combined with one-on-one guidance, you will learn the tools, too, and your storytelling will take on new life and allow you to finish writing projects faster and to the great satisfaction of your readers. I edit all genres, but specialize in thriller, crime and non-fiction.

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Editorial Services

30-Minute Consultation

Just want to chat about your story, Story Grid, or editing services? Let’s schedule a time...

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Story Diagnostic

Have a manuscript you would like me to evaluate? Click below to see exactly what I will provide.

Developmental Editing

Have a story idea or outline you want help turning into a manuscript? With weekly coaching calls and the Story Grid method as our guide, we’ll develop your story, a plan to get your story written, and to discuss and improve your writing craft.

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Essential Editing, LLC provides three levels of copyediting consistent with house style or major style manuals (Chicago Manual of Style, AP Stylebook most commonly).

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